I am a management consultant and Director of Org Change based in Brisbane. I have considerable expertise and experience in designing, developing and implementing strategic organisational change programs. My work has involved various senior leadership roles in numerous operational and strategic change projects for over the past 30 years. In that time I have contributed to achieving successful outcomes for organisations in many parts of the globe. These include Asia, United Kingdom, Europe and the United States. I have experience in many sectors including banking, financial markets, technology, manufacturing, retail, professional services, government, oil & gas, mining, logistics, FMCG, and agribusiness.

My focus is on organizational culture and how cultures enable and constrain strategy, implementation, and long-term sustainable growth. Through my work and research in these areas I have developed a robust and flexible approach to strategic change that aligns well with client methodologies. This approach is well regarded by stakeholders, especially those responsible for leading and making the transition. Importantly, it achieves results.

Approach to achieving strategic change

Engagements start with a short piece of work that confirms the situation, approach, commitment and capability required to achieving the client goals. Follow-on interventions are designed to be whole-system in impact. Interventions are implemented within a diagnostic and governance framework that is both performance and learning oriented. The aim is to ensure measurable value is being created for both the short to medium as well as long-term.

I invest a significant amount of effort in remaining current with a wide range of professional and academic literature. However, my work with clients is anything but theoretical. In fact, I create value for client through the development and implementation of practical and pragmatic solutions that are informed by the latest research and which are actionable and appropriate for the unique constraints of a particular client situation. In other words I work towards balancing rigor and speed, analysis and action, participation and performance.