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Tim Paul - Change Manager Brisbane

Tim Paul

Hello and welcome! My name is Tim Paul and I am a consultant based in Brisbane Australia. My areas of specialty are strategy and change especially in complex scenarios. I provide short-run consulting support aimed at strengthening an organisations ability to adapt. I do that through partnered advice, facilitation, mentoring and coaching, and organisational development and learning. I help executives and managers deal with the complexity that confronts organisations today. While short-term results are critically important, much of the work I do is aimed at helping organisations work towards their medium to long-term aspirations and producing ongoing, sustainable value. For this reason most of my career focus has been on developing skills in understanding and intervening in the systems that contribute to the health of the organisation, that help it to adapt and sustain itself in the face of a constantly change environment.

Over the years I’ve also developed some skills in dealing with difficult, ‘wicked’ problems that are often pernicious and persistent and which constrain the organisation from performing at its best. These problems often peculate in the less visible, taken for granted systems of cognition, routines, politics, culture and identity. And, although difficult and sometimes painful, its been my experience that these can be successfully addressed.

In addition to the blog at this site I maintain and contribute to a blog at Org Change, the company through which I engage consulting clients. The difference between the two sites is that this one has a little more of my personal opinion, and gets much less attention. Although I may post on similar topics I aim to be a little more edgy here (at least that’s the story I tell myself). If you like the content categories and headlines but not the writing style you might want to check out my posts at Org Change.

You can find out more about me by reading the About page and you can connect with me via LinkedIn, or read my public profile by clicking the LinkedIn logo below. You can also drop me an email by clicking the envelop icon below or through the Contact page on this site. I am particularly interested in connecting with those that have an academic and professional interest in complexity, social practice theory and social practices in an organisational context. So, if you’re local to Brisbane and the social piques your curiosity, please reach out.

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