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Tim Paul - Change Manager Brisbane

Hello and welcome! My name is Tim Paul and I am a consultant based in Brisbane Australia. My areas of specialty are organisational cultures and how these enable and constrain strategy, implementation and change, especially in complex scenarios.

I am managing partner at Org Change which provides advice and consulting aimed at strengthening an organisation’s ability to adapt by helping executives and managers identify and deal with the complexity that confronts them. While short-term results are critically important, much of the work I do is aimed at helping organisations work towards their medium to long-term aspirations and producing ongoing, sustainable value.

My work takes in long-range planning, decision-making, strategic management, mergers and acquisitions, governance, information technology, and all aspects of organising and leading teams that contribute to the health of the organisation and its ability to adapt and sustain itself in the face of a constantly changing environment.

You can find out more about me by reading the About page and you can read my public profile and connect with me via LinkedIn by clicking the logo below. You can also drop me an email by clicking the envelop icon or through the Contact page on this site. 


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